Shakedown: A ride designed to help everyone get their motorcycle and camping gear in shape for the riding season. It usually takes place in April and features at least one night of camping and a cookout. Typically tents, bedding, equipment, etc. can be transported in the club's  following vehicle and trailer. Run fees provide for all food and beverages except restaurant lunch meals.

Ball Buster: This is a Battalion pin run requiring distance riding. There’s at least one night of camping, but usually two. The Corps’ famous “cook your own steak the way you want it” dinner is always eagerly anticipated. Food and beverages are provided and the following vehicle and trailer can haul equipment that won’t fit on motorcycles.

When Battalion has recruits (probationary new members), they plan, organize and produce this event as part of their training for membership. It happens in the heat of the summer, so recruits usually find a way to provide air conditioning for at least one night and a swimming venue destination. Food, beverages and trailer transportation are provided.

Mystery Ride: This pin ride is as it's titled -- a mystery.  The sponcer of the ride is the only guy who’s supposed to know the destination. Camping and cook-outs are usually involved in this October event. Fees cover food (except café lunches) beverages and camping fees (if any). There’s no distance requirement, but as with all Battalion riding events, expect to cover a lot of ground. Following vehicle and trailer are provided.

REQUIREMENTS: On all BATTALION group rides, both members and guest riders are required to show a valid driver's license with motorcycle endorsement, and proof of liability insurance. For events requiring registration or donation, participants may be asked to sign a waiver indemnifying BATTALION against damages. Though Texas state law allows adult riders with adequate personal injury insurance to ride without a helmet, BATTALION always encourages use of approved safety gear. We also ask that participants ride safely and responsibly.

Battalion MC: rides are strictly drug-free. At no time will the club allow a rider to join a ride or event if he is deemed to be impaired or otherwise under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Although some BMC social events will include alcohol as part of the refreshments, at no time will the consumption of alcohol be required by its members. It is also advocated by the membership that a designated driver will accompany and remain sober while others  participate in any social drinking.
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