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When riding casually, Battalion MC members display the club colors. At more formal occasions, they turn heads in their military-style club uniform, complete with insignia and rank. Each year, BATTALION sponsors four or five riding events annually, several of which are PIN runs, two open events to socialize with our non-riding friends, and at most, one dedicated business meeting. Most rides are camping excursions, and except for lunch on the road, all meals are provided for a very reasonable donation.

BATTALION run pins are coveted items. Everyone who wears one has "earned it" by participating as a biker or "buddy" on a BATTALION pin run. (A "buddy rider" is someone who rides on the back of a motorcycle as a passenger).  Club members care about each other and their equipment. But that would be an over-simplification. The fact of the matter is that the club is serious about riding and all that goes with it. This includes safe riding techniques and ensuring all members and their equipment are "legal" prior to riding with the club. Along with these requirements, the members and officers are dedicated to maintaining a drug-free environment.
Be prepared for anything (within reason, of course). One ride might be over the great Texas Plains, other runs may take you to the Hill Country in South Texas, and yet other may take you to a rose festival in North Texas. We try to keep it all fun. Now if you're just wanting to go for a quick ride, ask to be invited on a "day ride." These rides usually require about 3 to 6 hours total commitment and rarely involve more than you covering for your own gas and lunch.

Battalion Motorcycle Corps

2016 Command staff is
Larry V - Commander
Paul M -  Vice Commander
Bill S -  Deputy Commander

2016 ride list
coming soon

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LOOK for Day Rides to be posted as well. If you want one to happen, just let the Deputy Commander know!

Additional day ride dates may be posted throughout the year. 

Remember, if you'd like more information about us, or are interested in riding with us, please email


and we will get right back with you.
From a members bike cam "Tale of the Dragon"
Who We Are
Welcome to the Battalion Motorcycle Corps' Homepage.  We hope you enjoy your visit and will visit us offen.

Founded in 1974
The Battalion Motorcycle Corps is a gay men's club dedicated to the recreatonal enjoyment of safe motorcycle riding and the camaraderie that goes along with it.
The group consists primarily of Texan Men from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but has members in Austin, Houston, Tennessee, Oklahoma and even Seattle, WA.  Requirements for membership are not geographical, but more of a personal nature.  These ensure BATTALION'S unique identity by attracting men who maintain an acceptable level of honesty, safety, riding discipline, permanence and brotherhood.

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